Hamat Gader Park/Spa Village - Regulations


The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that the park will operate at an optimal level, to the satisfaction of all bathers

The provisions of the regulations are intended to ensure proper rules of conduct for the benefit of all bathers as well as maintaining safety and security for guests, employees and facilities in the park


The Company may remove from the Park, forthwith, a person who has violated the provisions of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law,
5758 – 1998, the Prevention of Threatening Harassment Law, 5762 – 2001 and/or violation of any law and statutes that may cause
or that has actually caused harassment and/or damage to the Company and/or a third party and reserves the right to indemnification from that person for any damage caused to it

"The Company"
Hamat Gader Ltd

"Park Hamat Gader "
Hamat Gader Ltd. Tiberias ZIP 1517000

"Hamat Gader Park" – the water complexes, baths, pools, slides, all areas open to the public in the Hamat Gader compound

guests of Hamat Gader, guests of the Spa Village Hotel

"Barcode Voucher"
Entrance ticket to the park, whether purchased directly at the cash register or converted from a card to one of the consumer clubs that have an agreement with the park

Someone who has purchased a one-time ticket and/or is coming as part of a group and/or an organized group

Hamat Gader reserves the right to prevent the entry of a person who previously caused any damage to the company,
including a person who acted inappropriately, towards the park staff or bathers

The amount of people entering the water park that will be permitted is in accordance with the permit granted and/or subject to the Company's work procedures and instructions

Hamat Gader reserves the right for both security and safety reasons to search a person's body and/or bag and/or accompanying equipment of any person entering the park

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the water park: alcoholic beverages, animals, hookahs, glassware, weapons of any kind including knives,
gas tanks of any kind, fishing rods, card games and gambling are prohibited, camping burners, music playing devices

Entrance to the water park is permitted only with the purchase of an entry ticket or the presentation of a ticket valid for the day of entry/bathing season/the approval of the management

The management is not responsible for damage caused to a person entering the park without such a permit
An expired card cannot be redeemed

Security cameras are installed in the park for the purpose of maintaining public order

A child with a height of 1 m or more must have a full paid entry ticket

A locker is not a safe! Do not leave valuables, food, wallets, keys, or weapons in lockers or in park areas
Management is not responsible for theft, damage, and/or loss
It is recommended that you do not bring any valuables to Hamat Gader

The park management reserves the right to close the park, parts of it or its facilities, for groups, renovations,
competitions or special events for a specific time/period, at its sole discretion, without monetary or other compensation

Park facilities are by nature active facilities that may break down, be damaged or eroded –
Shutting down a facility for these reasons and/or any other operational reason does not grant a person the right to compensation

Guests/bathers may enter Hamat Gader only

Hamat Gader reserves the right to close parts of the water park for other and unique activities –
for groups and/or populations at its sole discretion without paying any compensation to any person

At all times of activity there is a manager/on-call manager responsible for the park

Rules of conduct

You enter a park with wet and humid areas – you must therefore exercise caution and avoid the risk of slipping

Follow the instructions sings throughout the park

It is prohibited to bring animals into the park and/or feed them

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the park, including open spaces, under the Public Smoking Prevention and Exposure to Smoking Law,
5733 – 1983 – except for areas marked as a smoking area

Parents are responsible for supervising their children throughout the park

The behavior in the park area is subject to behavior in a public place and in accordance with the provisions of the law and regulations set forth from time to time

Use of facilities

The use of the park's facilities is permitted during the defined hours of operation, as will be published for each facility

The Company may change the opening hours of the Center and/or facilities at its sole discretion

The Company does its best to operate all facilities, however, there may be malfunctions or repairs to facilities
that will then not be operated and visitors will have no claims compensation claims nor right to reduce the payment

One-time ticket purchasers and guests are subject to the instructions detailed for each facility / activity in which they may participate
If their behavior deviates from the regulations, procedures, public order and staff instructions, the on-call manager may terminate their activities at the Center and remove them from the park area, without a refund

Users of the Park's facilities do so at their sole responsibility, and the Park management is not responsible for any accident, injury, breakage, loss,
theft and/or damage caused to the individual or property in the Park's area
The User must strictly adhere to the instructions

Guests and subscription pass holders will use the facilities and activities only after they have checked and found that they are healthy, skilled and know everything necessary for the activity in the facility

Rules for cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness must be maintained and waste disposed of only in the bins designated for this purpose

Cleanliness must be maintained in the park and in the locker rooms

It is strictly forbidden for patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases to use the park facilities

Behavior guidelines for the swimming pools and facilities

Entrance to the pools and the water facilities and the slides – in a swimsuit only

You must follow the instructions of lifeguards and park staff

Entry to the pool area is permitted only in the presence of a lifeguard at the pool and during regular bathing hours

Entrance to the pool area is allowed in bathing suits only (cloth pants, shirts, tank tops and shoes will not be allowed), and going through the showers is mandatory before entering the pool

Bathers with long hair must wear a swim cap at the lifeguard's discretion and instructions

It is forbidden to bring in toys such as: a sea wheel, sea mattresses, balls of any kind, snorkel and water pistols

Dunking, jumping and pushing games are strictly prohibited

Do not jump in the water, do not push, do not run in all wet areas

On the dates to be determined by the management of the park, parts of the facility and/or the pool or the entire pool will be closed

It is forbidden to bring chairs into the pools

Bathing in Hamat Gader is healthy and recommended
This means: for generally healthy people or those who do not suffer from heart disease

 It is recommended to consult a doctor before bathing in the case of blood pressure problems, pregnant women (bathing is prohibited), stroke survivors, etc. (bathing is prohibited)

Children up to the age of 6 may bathe and use the facilities under close physical supervision of the parents and under their responsibility with eye contact or physical proximity
 with the minor ensuring immediate help when needed
The presence of a parent/an adult is mandatory while the minor is in the pool or out of the water

In the child's world, one must act according to the signs. Parents and/or an adult are responsible for the child

Minors under the age of 6 and minors who do not know how to swim, must be accompanied and supervised by an adult in all types of pools and facilities and shallow water areas
In any case, minors are obligated to use floating devices

The area of the park is wet and humid, please exercise caution due to the danger of slipping

Sliding on the water slides and extreme facilities: (in season)

Sliding on the water slides is only for those aged 10 and up who know how to swim

Sliding on all types of slides in the park is allowed in a sitting position only

Do not slide on your stomach and/or in any other form

It is mandatory to read the instructions for the use of each facility, to obey them and to follow the instructions of the operators

Stopping during sliding on the water slides is strictly prohibited and very dangerous

It is forbidden to jump in any area of the pools


Holders of a disabled card are exempt from standing in line, please contact the person in charge to get priority access

Consumer clubs

The electronic voucher that will be issued will include the entire amount of tickets ordered

You can not redeem parts of the tickets

You cannot cancel part of the ticket order

For example, it is not possible to cancel 2 tickets from a reservation of 4 tickets!!! If necessary, the entire order must be canceled (before using the order) and a new order can be made

Tickets unused on the day of arrival will not be refunded and no credit will be issued

No credit and/or refund will be given to bathers who purchased tickets through consumer clubs and entered with less people than tickets purchased
A purchased ticket must be redeemed on the same day and no credit will be given for another date

It is the responsibility of the member of the Consumer Club (of any kind) to implement this guideline and inform the bathers that tickets
purchased through the Consumer Club and converted to the park's entrance ticket must reflect the actual number of people entering the park
There will be no refunds on tickets purchased that are not redeemed on the same day

The Park Management is not responsible for an order made by member of a consume club from that club, the accounting is between the club and the member only

Any purchase of entry tickets through the clubs /cancellation/credit /change must be done through the consumer club in which the bather is a member only

A refund for the purchased ticket will only be possible in the following cases

To a bather who purchased a ticket and used it, but asked to cancel the ticket within 10 minutes of entering the park

A ticket that was used and scanned will not be refunded

Changes and updates to the regulations will be made at the sole discretion of the company and will be published on the park's website

The Hamat Gader team wishes you a pleasant and enjoyable stay

Consumer Protection Law, Cancellation of a Transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 5771-2010