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Welcome to the coolest Water Park in the North! Hamat Gader’s Splash Site offers a large range of water attractions for kids and the entire family, and you are welcome to run wild, splash, jump and have unlimited fun!

So, what will you find in the Splash Site?

At the heart of the site you will find the large pool and a 10 meters high splash water slide. In the large pool you can enjoy water cannons specially designed to release the neck and shoulders’ muscles, as well as a giant waterfall that will give you a powerful massage. Under the waterfall you will find designed mosaic benches. You are welcome to sit on them and enjoy a strong and quality massage for your neck, shoulders and upper back muscles.
Beside the pool you will find in the geysers bursting from the heart of the earth, next to a relaxing bubble pool. Outside the Splash Site you will find open playgrounds.
To make a long story short – whether you want to jump into the water, or have the water jump at you; whether you seek a refreshing experience or prefer a relaxing experience, where you can loosen your muscles – the appealing Splash Site is here for you.