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When you say Hamat Gader – you Say Hot Springs.

The bathing site at Hamat Gader Springs was found 1800 years ago by the Roman Empire that rules Israel during those times. The Romans discovered the water springing from the heart of the earth, and immediately realized that this is a place everyone will enjoy visiting.
Since then and up to our times, Hamat Gader’s thermo-mineral springs attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. Thanks to their many medicinal qualities, the water temperature is a constant 420C throughout the year, and bathing in them is soothing and relaxing.
Among the health benefits that can be enjoyed from bathing in this water are release of joint pains and pains in general, rejuvenation of skin cells, speeding the metabolism, expansion of the blood vessels that contributes to reduction of blood pressure and increase of the pulse, etc.
The springs site includes large pools and waterfalls, unique Jacuzzi chairs and comfort beds. Alongside the pools you can find the magical treatment rooms, in which you can enjoy a broad range of pampering Spa treatments.