The Hamat Gader Thermo-Mineral Springs

Hamat Gader – synonymous with hot springs. The bathing site at the Hamat Gader springs was established 1,800 years ago by the Romans. The thermo-mineral springs attract tourists and visitors from all over the world, due to the water’s many curative properties. Bathing in them is relaxing, indulgent, and very important for the human body.
The spring complex includes expansive pools and waterfalls, special Jacuzzi chairs, and comfortable day beds. The enchanting treatment rooms, where you can enjoy a variety of soothing spa treatments, are located by the pools.

42 Degrees of Health

Hamat Gader’s are fed by the spring’s water at a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius (about 107 degrees Fahrenheit), are located at the center of the site, and have been a national and global attraction for many years.

Immersing oneself in the water, right by its source, is indeed a unique experience, as the warmth of the water comes with special properties that are unique to the Hamat Gader springs.

From the spring, the water flows to the shaded area, where sunken Jacuzzi beds have been built to allow you to indulge yourself in the water jets while lying on a tiled bed in the water surrounding the central pillar of the shaded area.

Tissue Rejuvenating Massage

From here, guests can move to the open and larger pool where they will find water jets for massaging their backs and shoulders. Along the side of the pool, there are Jacuzzi points at different heights for an underwater massage of all parts of the body.
In the outdoor pool you can find a bubble lake that offers a delightful and indulgent experience, with warm water streaming around your legs and hips.
Bathing in the water is the perfect experience that can empower both mind and body. The pools end in an amazing waterfall that precisely demonstrates the force of the spring’s flow. The water continues from Hamat Gader to the nearby Yarmouk River, and from there to irrigating the fields of the Jordan Valley.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

There are chairs and low tables scattered around the pool in the shaded area and under the outdoor parasols, for completing the experience of relaxing around the pool.

The dairy Café Agam and the meat Agam Grill are nearby to satisfy the hearty appetite you’ll develop after pampering yourself in the water.

The Curative Properties of the Spring Water

The temperature of the water in the spring’s source is 42 degrees Celsius (about 107 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year and bathing in them is relaxing, indulgent, and very important for the human body.
The water at Hamat Gader features three important properties:

  • Heat
  • High mineral concentration
  • Sulfur at a concentration of 4.7%

Some of the health benefits that can be derived from immersing oneself in the water include the relief of joint pain and pain in general, rejuvenation of skin cells, speeding up metabolism, and dilation of blood vessels that contributes to lowering blood pressure and raising the heart rate, and more.
Due to the many minerals found in high concentration in the Hamat Gader springs, frequent visits to the pools can help both athletes and the general public heal damaged tissues and speed up their recovery process. In fact, spending time in the thermo-mineral composite, with its high concentration of essential minerals at a high temperature, dilates the blood vessels and accelerates the mineral absorption process. The penetration of minerals into blood vessels, muscles, connective tissues, and joints can help with the recovery of the body’s tissues and their regeneration, as well as protecting from injuries.
There are five springs in the Hamat Gader area. Four with mineral, sulfur-rich water, and one with fresh water.

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