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The Spa complex offers an unparalleled experience of indulgence, enjoyment and relaxation. The spa is limited to ages 18 and up to ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience. Here you will put on your swimsuit, wrap yourself in a luxurious robe, receive a personal locker to store your belongings, put on your slippers, and get ready for a special experience.

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Serenity in a magical nature

Here you will find thermo-mineral water pools that flow through the wild vegetation, the bubbling water and the general feel of the place give the nature spa its uniqueness and novelty.

Our picturesque treatment rooms invite you to relax your muscles and allow yourself to be pampered. An extensive team of professional therapists provides a variety of top quality treatments, after which you will feel like new. Treatments include: Swedish massage, aromatic massage, and reflexology. The quality of the healing water flowing from the bowels of the Earth, the intimate location, the healthy and unique natural surroundings, all provide guests with an unparalleled atmosphere of calm and serenity. Around the pools are sun and day beds, free tea and coffee, a rest and relaxation area, a choice of saunas and a delightful waterfall Jacuzzi.

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Open every day of the week from 9:00-21:30

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Aromatherapy Massage

A unique treatment method that uses our sense of smell for healing.
Aromatherapy = scent therapy.
In other words, this is a treatment that utilizes scents. This method uses special aromatic essential oils extracted from various plants with wonderful scents.
During the massage, the oil molecules penetrate through the skin’s pores into the blood, which carries it to all the body’s organs, benefiting various physiological systems. Through our sense of smell, the oil reaches and affects our brain, and through it, our entire body.
Aromatherapy massage is performed on a massage bed and is a gentle treatment that aims to introduce the oil to the body and thereby calm the person receiving the treatment.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a classic massage, popular all over the world.

This massage stimulates blood circulation, enables nutrition and oxygen to flow more easily to the body’s cells, and removes waste substances such as carbon dioxide from the cells.

The treatment is performed on a massage bed. The masseur rubs vegetable oil on the customer using deep kneading movements that have a soothing effect on the muscles. During the massage, the blood is directed towards the heart to prevent the released waste substances from returning to the muscles.


This therapy is used to diagnose and treat physical, energy, and mental issues, based on the understanding that each organ in the body has a corresponding reflex point in the feet, and by pressing and massaging certain points in the foot, we affect the corresponding organ in the body.
This is a very ancient form of therapy. Instructions for treating feet have been discovered in ancient Egyptian murals.
The treatment is performed fully clothed on a massage bed by massaging and pressing the feet.

Combined Treatment

Swedish massage combined with reflexology. A pampering meeting of various massage techniques originating from the fusion of East and West, aimed at providing the best answer to a patient’s specific needs.
The combination of the massage with deep kneading movements together with the release of the foot, enhances the patient’s sense of calm and pleasure
Combined massage is a solution that will allow you to enjoy two different approaches in one treatment and will also be able to help you understand what the best massage technique is for you.

Hot stone massage

One of the most popular and accepted massage methods around the world, the ancient method originates from American Indian tribes, who discovered that black basalt stones heated in the sunlight or in a fire release positive energy and have healing properties.

The treatment is used against a variety of health problems, such as: arthritis, back pain, insomnia, depression and stress or anxiety.

Hot stone massage performed by massaging the body with oil and hot stones. The gentle and deep heat of the stones relaxes the muscles, penetrates deep into the tissue and allows the masseuse to deepen the intensity of the massage without exerting unnecessary pressure on the patient’s body.

Tibetan bowls

Treatment with Tibetan bowls to strengthen inner peace.
The treatment is performed by playing the bowls and placing them on the patient.


The meaning of the term “Ayurveda” is the science of life
In fact, it is a holistic science with healing methods that treat the body and mind as a whole which should work in harmony.

Ayurveda massage with hot sesame oil to produce deep peace and perfect relaxation
A holistic healing method based on the Indian tradition and known to connect and balance the body and mind. Sesame oil is known as one of the oldest oils in the world, even Babylonian women would prescribe preparations containing sesame seeds and honey to keep their skin young and beautiful. Sesame oil massage has many medical benefits and it relieves cases of high blood pressure, and improves mood in those suffering from stress and anxiety. The treatment is done without clothes in gentle and long massage movements along the entire body

Thai treatment

A very energetic treatment based on rocking, stretches and yoga poses. The treatment is performed on a mattress with comfortable clothes


Treatment that will accelerate to stimulate blood circulation and release muscles.
Combines pressing and stretching along the energy lines in the body.
The treatment is performed on a mattress with comfortable clothes

Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women (week 16-26). The treatment is performed by massaging with gentle movements along the entire body.


A treatment to release tension combining the buoyancy of the water with shiatsu pressure and reflexology.

Four hands treatment

A dynamic and intense 4-hand Swedish massage performed by two therapists at the same time.

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