The Blue Bar Restaurant

The Blue Bar Restaurant serves a selection of fine dairy dishes made from fresh premium ingredients: a rich Israeli breakfast buffet, sandwiches and toasted sandwiches, salads, fresh fish, Italian dishes, and more.

The dairy restaurant is Kosher and has a Kashrut certificate under the supervision of the local rabbinate.
On Saturdays, the restaurant is open but does not offer cooked meals, with the menu adjusted accordingly.

Opening Hours:
08: 30-10: 30 Buffet breakfast (included in the price for hotel guests; not included for spa guests).
During afternoons and evenings, opening hours are updated from time to time, depending on hotel occupancy.


Guacamole Nachos
Cheese Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Cheese Platter
Fruit Platter

Main Dishes

Pasta penne in an Italian cream/rosé/tomato sauce
Ravioli in an Italian cream/rosé/tomato sauce
(Filled with sweet potatoes/cheese/mushrooms)
Italian Pizza
Sea Bream Fillet
Salmon Fillet


Greek Salad
Tuna Salad
Haloumi Salad

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