The Crocodile Farm at Hamat Gader

A unique experience that affords a close view of the world’s largest reptile, allowing you to become familiar with its habits.
Come look, learn, watch crocodiles being fed, and enjoy a moment in a wild and magical world.

The Founding of the Farm

In 1981, members of Kibbutz Mevo Hama, the pioneering kibbutz in the southern Golan Heights, decided to establish a touristic crocodile farm.
Initially, the farm had several dozen American alligators imported from Florida. Later, Nile crocodiles from Africa, and caimans from South America were also brought to the farm. In 1996, two more species from India were added: the gharial and the saltwater crocodile. In 2007, the farm held about 80 crocodiles of various ages.
For years, this farm has been used for the close study of and research about the world of these ancient reptiles, and it has gained recognition both in Israel and globally.

The world's Largest Reptile

The main compound consists of a number of separate fenced pools with a floating bridge above them. Each pool is home to a different species of crocodile, The alligators live in the largest pool, other species in the pools include the Nile crocodile and the Indian gharial crocodile. The pools and the surrounding lawn provide a suitable habitat for the crocodiles and they are free to roam them. 

This is a unique experience that allows us to get a close view and learn about the habits of the largest reptile in the world, an animal that poses great danger to both people and other animals in the wild. The farm is fenced off ensuring a safe experience for visitors.