Do you know of anyone who has not heard of Hamat Gader’s Crocodile Farm? We didn’t….

And what will you meet there? Listen carefully: Over 200 crocodiles of various species, that came to us virtually from all over the world – India, Africa, South America and other locations. At the farm, that is identical to the crocodiles’ natural habitat, live peacefully crocodiles, caimans, a giant sea crocodile and other crocodiles.
Our crocodile farm attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world, and is considered to be the largest farm in the entire Middle East.
The tour of the farm includes walking over a wooden bridge, that passes right inside the reserve, and allows visiting the crocodiles up close, and see how they live. You will also be able to see the dedicated staff taking care of the crocodiles and feeding them (please check in advance of the feeding times).
Our crocodile farm is a real attraction for the entire family, and a great opportunity to meet up close some of the most intelligent and impressive animals of nature.