Would you like not just watching the animals, but also touching them up close? This is the time to come and visit the magical Petting Corner of Hamat Gader Park.
Waiting for you in a shaded and well-ventilated area lots of small and large animals. Among others, you will find in our Petting Corner gentle and cute bunnies and hamsters, that will gladly sit on the palm of your hand, and even taste a piece of carrot or a cucumber, more active ferrets; smart Surakates, that will probably remind some of you Timon, from the movie “Lion King” – animals with a human-like expression and a lot of joy; as well as a large family of goats, deers and mountain deers that you can feed with lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables.
Our park staff is at your service throughout the visit, and they will gladly provide you with information and explanations on each of the animals, and even tips for raising pets in your own home.
A visit at the Petting Corner is a relaxing experience, and coming in close contact with these cute creatures was proven to be beneficial for peace of mind and creation of social interaction. Come with your young kids and we guarantee they will not want to go home. To be hones? So will you…