A selection of advanced treatments and Spa packages in the North, at your service at Hamat Gader Resort. Come and take some time off the hassle, charge your body with renewed energy, and return home fresh and invigorated.


Spa Treatments

Our picturesque treatment rooms invite you to relax your muscles and indulge yourself. A large team of professional therapists provides high-level treatments, after which you will feel as good as new. Among treatments:
• Messages – Deep tissue massage, four-hands deep tissue massage, Thai massage, aromatic massage and Shiatsu.
• Treatments – reflexology, pearls, anti-aging, water treatments and beauty treatment.
• Special treatments – Tibetan bowls, crystals, warm rocks and ayurveda.
We also offer a particularly pampering treatment – Watsu treatments are treatments taking place in a warm water pool, base of the shiatsu principles. Watsu treatments are an exceptional experience, where you will feel safe and protected just like in the womb. This treatment is suitable for treatment in both physical and mental issue, as well as for relaxation and renewal of energetic sensation.

Private Events

Upon prior booking, we can dedicate the entire Spa area available exclusively for you. We design special offers for companies and organizations, including Spa packages in the Golan Heights, for company events or group vacations, in which all participants can enjoy professional and pampering Spa treatments.

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Bachelorette Parties

Want to have a different and unique bachelorette party? Visit us and treat all your friends to special Spa treatments, and a party that will leave them with lovely memories.

For booking a treatment call *6392


The treatment package includes:

A deep tissue massage – 45 minutes

The deep tissue massage is the classic and most popular massage throughout the world.
This massage energizes the blood circulation, and allows better flow of food and oxygen to the body’s cells, and clearance of waste materials, like carbon dioxide from the cells.
The treatment is performed on a massage bed, with the patient being rubbed with vegetable-based oil, while enjoying deep kneading motions, that create a relaxing effect on the muscles. During the massage, the blood is pushed towards the heart, in order to prevent waste material that were released to return to the muscles.

Shiatsu – 45 minutes treatment

A Japanese touch treatment technique, based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.
Shi – finger, atsu – pressure, meaning – pressure using the fingers.
The treatment is performed by using pressure by the fingers, joints and knees of balance points in the patients’ body, in order to release energetic blockage and channel the energy, in order to direct the body towards harmonious function.
Shiatsu is performed on a mattress placed on the floor, while wearing comfortable clothes.

Thai massage – 45 minutes treatment

The Thai massage is high energetic, administered while the patient is fully clothed, and integrates kneading work with pressing on acupuncture points along energy routes and Yoga stretches, aimed to encourage the flow of life energy trough the body. The Thai massage is characterized by flow and rhythm that have a meditative impact.
The treatment is performed on a mattress, placed on the floor.

Aromatic massage – 45 minutes treatment

A unique treatment method, that uses our sense of smell for healing.
Aroma – scent, therapy – treatment.
Meaning – treatment through smell. In this method the therapist uses special aromatic oils, produced from various plants, with great scents.
During the course of the massage, the oil molecules penetrate through the skin pours into the blood stream, and through it, it is carried to all the body parts, and improves the function of various physiological systems. The oil also penetrates to our brain through the smell sense, affects the brain, and through it, the entire body.
The aromatherapy massage is performed on a treatment bed, and is a gentle treatment, aimed at introducing the oil to the body, and through that, relaxing the patient.

Reflexology – 45 minutes treatment

This treatment method is a diagnostic and treatment method for physical, energetic and mental problem, based on the understanding, that each organ in the body has a reflex point in the feet reflecting it, so that by pressing and massaging certain points in the foot, we can affect the parallel body organ.
Reflexology is a very ancient method, instruction for treatment of the feet were discovered as early as wall murals in ancient Egypt.
The treatment is performed while the patient is fully clothes on a treatment bed, while massaging and pressing the feet.

Tibetan Bowls – 45 minutes treatment

This is a unique treatment, based on the sound frequency. An ancient treatment method, that originates in Tibet.
The therapist places on the patient several Tibetan Bowls, that are made from an alloy of several metals. The therapist plays on the bowls, and as a result of that, magnificent sounds are created, that penetrate the patients’ body.
The magical sound vibration penetrate the patients’ body, create energetic balance, and enable through that harmonious flow of energy to the body, that causes relaxation and calm of the body and mind, and directs the patient to a deep relaxation state.
This therapy is recommended for alleviation of mental and physical stress.
The tune you will wish to hear forever.

Water Treatment (20 minutes treatment) – is not performed during the summer season

This is a unique treatment method, that integrated the water’s tender force and three additional treatment methods: Shiatsu, Reflexology and Healing. The therapist floods the patient over the warm thermo-mineral water using buoys.
While the patient is floating on the pleasant waters – the therapist presses energy lines in the patients’ body, and enables release of physical and energetic blockages, and by that, encourages release of stress, pressure and physical pains.

Beauty Treatment – 45 minutes treatment

(available in the package)

Initial cleansing
Granule pealing for a gentle peal of the skin.
Mask for deep cleaning and purification.
A nourishing and moisturizing mask – gives the skin freshness and glow.


List of treatments with extra charge (not included in the package)

Ayurveda – 60 minutes treatment

(Extra cost above the package cost, middle of the week / weekend 110 ILS)

“Ayur-Veda” means in Sanskrit “The Science of Heat”, is considered as the most ancient natural holistic medicine method, originating in the ancient Indian culture.
The purpose of the Ayurvedic massage is to calm and relax tension, and in fact, is divided into two parts called “Avianga” and “Shirudra”.
During the first part – “Avianga”, the patients’ body is massaged with warm sesame oil using slow and gentle motions, that calm and relax the patient’s body.
During the second part – “Shirudra”, after the patient is relaxed and calm, sesame oil is poured on his forehead, that brings him to complete relaxation.

Hot Rocks – 60 minutes treatment

(Extra above the package cost, mid-weak/weekend 110 ILS)

A unique treatment method, originating from the Native American tribes and their Shamans, that used hot rocks for body massage in order to invigorate the blood stream, and through that, cause accelerated release of toxins from the body.
The massage is performed on a treatment bed, and after the patients’ body is rubbed with oil, a massage using hot rocks is performed. After the treatment, the patient feels deep relaxation and calmness spreads throughout his muscles.

For-hands Deep tissue massage – 45 minutes treatment

(Extra above the package cost, mid-week/weekend: 170 ILS)

A special deep tissue massage, performed by 4 hands by two therapists.
During the massage, both therapists work as one unit, and the sensation is of floating and release. The massage is performed on a treatment bed on the entire body, with the therapists full coordination, until at a certain stage, the patient can’t distinct between the therapists and enters into a state of relaxation and total release.


Extras to the treatments included in the package

  • Extending the treatment from 45 minutes to 60 minutes: extra cost of 45 ILS.
  • Extending the treatment from 45 minutes to 90 minutes: extra cost of 150 ILS.