Hamat Gader Resort offer the largest range of attractions in the North, for children and the entire family. All you need to do is come and choose, Have fun!

The Water World – The Splash Park

Have you enjoyed the calm and tranquility? Now is the time to go wild! In the Splash Park located above the hot springs a special attraction is waiting for you: a wild water park with a pool and a 10 meters high spiral water slide. In the large pool you can enjoy water cannons specially designed to release the neck and shoulders’ muscles, as well as a giant waterfall that will give you a powerful massage – simply sit on the designed mosaic bench and let the water do all the work.

Beside the pool you will find in the Splash Park geysers bursting from the heart of the earth and a bubble pool. Along the park are situated open playgrounds for the guests’ use and enjoyment.

Fishing Ponds

Tell me – does a fisherman like fish…?
At Hamat Gader you can also become fishermen, go out on a fishing expedition in the ponds together with your kids, and later have a fresh fish meal from your own catch!
Our fishing ponds are one of the favorite attractions in the Golan Heights and the entire North Region. Here you can fish various fish – St. Peter’s fish, mullet, silver carp, etc – and prepare them outdoors for your meal, Our pool team will gladly assist you in cleaning and filleting the fish, and a special are in the park is designated for “barbecue”. Nothing matches the taste of a fresh grilled fish, accompanies by herbs, fresh vegetables or on its own.
We know you care about your health, therefore the fish in the pond are all organically grown.

The Parrots Show

Did you think a parrot can speak? And what about riding a bike? In our parrot show you will meet the Indonesian Cacadu parrot, the red-winged Macao, the orange-winged Amazon, the African Jacko, and many other colorful, smart and energetic parrots, that will entertain both the kids and the grown-ups.
During the show, that lasts for 20 minutes, 18 trained parrots perform many actions like speech, surfing, gambling, riding a bike, etc. A real “parrot circus”. Alongside the show you can find a green tropical greenhouse, in which dozens of rare, colorful and amazing birds grow.

The Springs World – The Warm Springs

At the heart of the park you can find Hamat Gader’s thermo-mineral springs, famous throughout the world due to their many medicinal qualities. The combination between the waters’ warm temperature (420C, constant temperature) and the multiple minerals infused in them, turns the bathing into a particularly relaxing, pampering and health experience. The bathing is recommended for relief of joint paint, rejuvenation of skin cells, expediting metabolism, expansion of blood vessels, etc.
In the springs’ area you will find large pools, waterfalls, beds and unique Jacuzzi chairs.  Surrounding it – wooden rooms designed for pampering spa treatments. An attractive family enjoyment, also ideal for executives conducting a company retreat or other group or company activity.

Hamat Gader Antiquities

As early as 1,700 years ago, the Romans invented the term “Going to the Spa in the North”…. We invite you to learn of the historical spa, and tour the luxurious baths. In our antiquities tour you will be able to see the large halls, the high arches and the fancy marble coating, as well as the inscriptions and mosaic floors that were preserved from the days of the Roman Empire. In the side, considered the 2nd most beautiful throughout the Empire, religious structures, pagan temples and even a synagogue were built for the visitors’ use. On the site you will also see the remains of a Roman theatre, that was used for entertainment shows.

The Animal World – the Crocodile Farm

In order to see a crocodile you don’t have to fly to Africa…. You can find a lot of attractions right here at the Golan Heights! In Hamat Gader’s Crocodile Farm you can meet over 200 crocodiles of various species, originating from all over the world: South America, India, Africa, etc. Among the crocodiles you will find the crocodiles, the caimans, the gavials, the giant see crocodile, etc.
Hamat Gader’s crocodile farm is the largest in the entire Middle East, and visitors from around the world come to visit it. At the farm you can see how the crocodiles are being cared for, and even walk on the crocodile bridge that crosses through the “Reserve”, and provides a particularly close glimpse to the crocodiles habitat, which is identical to their natural habitat, just be careful and don’t try to pet them…

The Petting Corner

Who does not like to pet and hug those little cure animals? In our Petting Corner both adults and children will have fun with small and medium size animals: delicate rabbits and bunnies, earnest-looking turtles (they only seem serious….), active ferrets and raccoons, smart and human-like suricata (that will probably remind some of you Timon, from “Lion King”, as well as goats, deer and chamois.
The Petting Corner is situated in a shaded and ventilated area, in which you can sit for a long time, and have fun with the animals – peaceful time for the parents, and an attractive and fun pastime for the kids. The Animal caretaker team will gladly provide explanation on the various animals, and even give you tips and information about raising pets.

Mini Safari

We already told you that at Hamat Gader you will find in one location all the attractions of the North? We meant every word…
Join us for a fascinating tour, in which you will meet many animals in their natural habitat. Among the variety of animals in our Safari, you will find dears and chamois, emu’s and islands (a type of antelope), raccoon, suricata’s and baboons, iguanas, kangaroos and even two giant python snakes.
A fascinating experience for the entire family is guaranteed during a visit to the baboon family, The baboons, that arrived here from Africa, manage a “family unit”, that we are certain you will enjoy watching.