Did you indulge yourself at Hamat Gader’s ancient baths? Did you enjoy our Spa treatments? Now is the time to see where it all started.
The warm springs site was established by the Romans 1800 years ago, the discovered the large touristic potential of this site. As any other site founded by the Roman Empire, the baths site was also built implementing the highest standards of those days, and with great luxury: Large halls, fancy arches and giant gates, designed and crafted mosaic floors and expensive marble coating. In those times, Hamat Gader’s bath sites was considered only second in beauty throughout the Roman Empire.
Besides the touristic and recreation sites, the Romans also established various religious buildings (including a synagogue!), and pagan temples. In the site they also built a theatre, that was used for entertainment and culture shows.
All this grandeur was preserved till our times, and we invite you to take your time and tour Hamat Gader’s antiquities tour. Together we will stroll among the large halls, admire the artworks that decorated every corner, and visit the remnant of the structures and theatre. A true attraction for both adults and kids.