Hamat Gader Attractions

Welcome to Hamat Gader, the place where each of the family members can have fun, in his own favorite way!
Hamat Gader’s recreation and spa site offers you a broad range of attractions and activities, suitable for all ages, available in one location. The little ones like animal shows? Check. The older prefers to spend his energy in a water park, and try out slides and special facilities? Check. The teenager want to forget everything, and focus on crocodiles? Check. Mom and Dad want to treat themselves to Spa treatments, and enjoy a relaxing experience of a chalet in the North? Check and check again! All you need to do is say how you would like to spend your time, and we will make sure you will want to come back for more.
At the heart of the park are located the famous thermo-mineral spring, that attract visitors since Roman times. The Romans built in this location luxurious baths and halls, that were preserved till our time, and are a unique attraction. Bathing in the warm thermo-mineral springs have many medicinal qualities, and it is a particularly pampering and healthy experience.

Hamat Gader

The giant recreation park spans over 150 dunams, overlooking the Sea of Galillee view, and embedded in green vegetation. Hundreds of thousands of visitors, from Israel and abroad, visit the park each year. Hamat Gader’s “Paradise” offers a wide range of possibilities for spending time with the kids, and offers in one location the largest selection of attractions in the North, and in Israel in general.
Whether you prefer a couple’s retreat or a family vacation, whether your kids are young or older, whether you like action or wish to relax and get away from hectic life, or even if you seek a corporate activity for the company’s staff – at Hamat Gader Park you will enjoy the best of all worlds. We are waiting for you!

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Sharon Ninio
Sharon NinioGeneral Manager, Hamat Gader Resort
I believe that in our modern and busy times, everyone needs a relaxing a pampering place, as a getaway to a vacation, that will help charge them with new energies.
Hamat Gader is that place for me!
Al you need to have fun is take the time to go on vacation
Those who dare, win!!!!

Our amazing team members

Omer Porat
Omer PoratOperations Manager
I enjoy seeing the guests having fun, and the team members provide excellent and smiling service.
Vered Manor
Vered ManorSecurity Manager
I enjoy making sure the guests are safe, and guarantee that there are no problems or faults during the guests’ stay at the site.
Hana Ostash
Hana OstashReservations Manager
I enjoy making sure the hotel and Hamat Gader site is at high capacity, and receive the guests’ thank you letters.
Meir Barkan
Meir BarkanSales Manager
I enjoy full parking, booming business, satisfied guests and dedicated staff.
Riad Shukri
Riad ShukriChef
I enjoy making good and delicious food, and seeing the guests enjoy themselves and being happy.
Kobi Nahum
Kobi NahumPurchasing Manager
I enjoy the guests benefiting from the range of products the site has to offer.
Nofar Hasson
Nofar HassonTreatments (Massages) Coordinator
I enjoy seeing the treatments schedule full, and watching the guests’ faces after they leave the treatment room – rejuvenated and relaxed.
David Golan
David GolanManager of the Animals Department
I enjoy seeing the animal department clean and groomed, and the park’s guests having fun at the petting corner, and from the crocodile feeding shows.
Kobi Wier
Kobi WierManager of the Parrot Department
I enjoy seeing the kids go out happy and smiling from the parrot shows.
Gilad Huri
Gilad HuriManager of the Spa Village Hotel
I enjoy seeing the hotel in full capacity, and the guests leaving satisfied and content.
Motti Ifargan
Motti IfarganMaintenance and Projects Manager
I enjoy seeing all the park’s facilities functioning and maintained at the highest level, and providing a solution to any fault, in order to ensure that the guest have fun from the park’s facilities and their stay.
Dominique Kinel
Dominique KinelManager of the Lev Hapark Store, the Lake Grill and the Lake Coffee Shop
I enjoy seeing my staff provide great service to the guests, and sell with love.
MadaniMaintenance Department
I enjoy seeing Hamat Gader clean and nurtured.